Reflection on Learning Theories

Here is my first reflection assignment. I have been asked to reflect on two questions:
1. Which of the three learning theories covered in this module best reflect how you learn? Why?

2. Identify and explain three ways that technology could be used by a teacher to help you learn in this way.

I believe that connectivism best reflects how I learn because I tend to be more attentive when technology is involved. I find that I learn much more effectively and quicker through hands on experience. Although there is the possibility of hands on work with constructivism, I am not a very creative person; I have difficulty brainstorming ideas of what I would like to study or do an assignment on. It is sometimes a struggle for me to learn when placed in a constructivist environment. However, I have always found myself enjoying technology and using it frequently. I may not be the most tech-savvy student out there, but I do enjoy immersing myself and learning about the technology itself.

When teachers involve technology participation in the classroom, I am more likely to participate in class than if there was none. For example, my current education technology spring class: my professor will often have students write in Google Docs or a program similar where we can all edit the document at the same time, so that participation is easy and interesting; especially for large classrooms where it can be difficult to communicate with your peers. Another way that I think teachers can use technology to enhance learning (for me) would be interactive activities or assignments, such as iClicker questions or creative, online assignments. When new technology is introduced to me, I try my best to learn as much as I can about it as well as how to use it. My personal interest in technology can help me to become motivated in taking control over my learning in my spare time. Lastly, teachers that introduce new programs or websites that can be useful during the course of the class can also help my learning as I will spend time introducing myself into learning how to navigate and make full use of the resources that the teacher has made available to me. Once I have familiarized myself with the program or website, the ease of access will allow me to easily come back to use it over and over again.

Although this will probably not be my best reflection, I am hoping that through more and more reflection, I can develop a deeper sense of critical thinking to produce a better and more thorough reflection.


Mind Map

As my spring course continues on, we have moved into learning about learning theories! One of my assignments is to create a mind map to jot down information about each learning theory as well as any connections between the theories. Here is my mind map!