Where am I now?

Philosophy of Teachnology

The least effective way I have seen teachers use technology in the classroom is either poor presentation or zero technology use. I have had teachers create a very dry, boring PowerPoint resulting in me having absolutely no interest in learning the material or paying attention to the professor. I am a visual learner so to me, it is very important that the presentation be as interesting as the speaker.

The most effective way I have seen teachers use technology is in my spring Education Technology course. I have not had a teacher or professor utilize Google Docs where the students take surveys and have the results shown quickly or editing a document with my peers to share ideas without having to move around the classroom. This is something new to me and I was very interested and intrigued to see it in use.




Updated Mind Map

My mind map has been updated to incorporate TPACK and Philosophy of Teachnology. However, you will see from my mind map, I’m not very knowledgeable in this area. I will definitely do some research/reading on it.

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