Learning Management Systems Reflection

For my reflection, I have been asked to consider 4 tools (communication, assessment, content organization, and content) I would use as a teacher as well as why I would use them and how it would enhance the course for both teacher and student.

As a teacher some features that I would use in my classroom would be:  email, rubrics, folders, and web links. Emails would be used to contact the students if there are any changes to the class plan and/or if I need to speak with the student directly.  I hope to become a food studies teacher and since my students will be doing a lot of hands-on work, I will use rubrics to outline my expectations of what their finished product should look like and what my students should expect.  Folders would be used for students to organize and keep their recipes in an orderly manner, and web links would be used for students to explore and learn about what they will be doing next class (and then completing a quiz), on their own time allowing for more time in class to cook.

I believe that these tools will enhance the course for the student because many students enjoy food studies because they are able to experience cooking in a fun way. The less time spent sitting, listening, and writing, the more the student will enjoy the class. As the teacher, I hope that these tools can make the class more efficient and allow me to spend more time focusing on the students while they cook. I can also utilize web links to possibly allow students to complete the theoretical component of the class online, which would help minimize time spent on marking.

Here is a screenshot of my home page from the website Course Sites.

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Learning Management Systems

As the title says, I am now learning about learning management systems (LMS).

One of this week’s assignment was to create a table that had some features of LMS as well as a short description. In my table, I included some examples of the features that I have seen and/or used.

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