mLearning Reflection

For my reflection, I was asked to review a lesson plan and write down where I could incorporate mLearning. In addition, I must write down 3 things that needed to be considered if I were to use mLearning.

Click Here for the lesson plan!

From the lesson plan, Google Docs would be a perfect way for the entire class to contribute on a book together for the “collaborative writing” component. Not only will each student know who contributed what, but it is easily accessible to everyone at once. I believe that if everyone is able to view the document together, rather than passing it along one by one, students will be more interested. Some things that would need to be considered are:

  1. Do all the students have a form of technology that will allow them to access this document?
  2. How can I organize this collaboration in a way that will be active for students waiting to write
  3. Do students have a Google account? Although sign-in is not required to access Google Docs, the student will be anonymous if they do not sign-in which will make it difficult to keep track of who is writing.

Mobile Learning

Can mobile learning be used in classrooms? Why, yes it can. As I learn about the different kinds of mobile learning (or mLearning), I have been asked to write down 5 pieces of mLearning including what it is and how it can be used.

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