Cyberbullying Part 2

Here is my Symbaloo webmix with a few resources that can be used to aid in dealing with cyberbullying.

Click here for my Symbaloo!

One of the strategies that I would use would be students learning to protect their information. By creating awareness that sharing information is dangerous and unsafe, students will understand the importance of creating strong passwords and not sharing their information with others, especially over the internet. 

My second strategy would be for students to create a video in which they come up with strategies as to how to help others who are dealing with cyberbullying as well as what to do if they themselves are experiencing it. Whether the students decide to film themselves or use the GoAnimate program, the students will be able to come up with their own ideas and share it with others. By watching some of the videos that I have posted in my Symbaloo, students will be able to get an idea of how to go about making the video.



One of the things that my class has been focusing on this week is cyberbullying and how do we prevent it?

I created a short video using GoAnimate to illustrate what is cyberbullying and how do you respond to it if you are being cyberbullied.

Click here for the video!