Technology Privacy

We are almost at the end of the spring course. I have been introduced to yet another handy tool for classroom use which is an online poster-making website called Glogster. The poster which I have made contains strategies and methods for elementary students to protect their information as well as increase their online privacy.

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Dear Scarlet

I was browsing through Tumblr the other day and I had scrolled past this interesting post that someone had reblogged.
The post comes from the Tumblr user: dearscarlet where the parents of Scarlet have decided to document their experiences with their young daughter online.

The post I read was very interesting because the parents talk about Scarlet being able to make her own choices and learn from her mistakes: ” I will let you learn your own lessons. I will allow you to make choices, and I will be there to teach you about consequences.” ¬†They end the post with a quote by Piaget, a cognitive theorist, as a way to support their post and for me, something to think about after reading.
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I found this interesting because as a student studying to be a teacher, this is not something I would have expected from a parent. I believe many parents (including myself in the future) would rather save their child the pain of experiencing the consequences of their poor decisions and “force” them to do what is right/better. However, this post makes me think: would my child be better off learning this way, if I allow them to make a decision, even though I know they will regret it later? ¬†This may be a more effective way for them to learn, if they experience the consequences first hand, than if I were to repeatedly tell them what will happen. Of course, with this choice of teaching, you have to take into consideration that your child may hurt themselves, whether it be a minor or serious injury. Either way, this was very interesting to read.

I applaud the parents for being patient and letting Scarlet choose for herself. Of course, in the classroom, this may not be something that I could apply. However, this has been something that is definitely thought provoking as well as eye opening, especially with the quote by Piaget

I would like to find more posts by mothers/fathers/families about their children and their method of teaching. There is always something to learn from the way other families teach their children.