Technology Privacy

We are almost at the end of the spring course. I have been introduced to yet another handy tool for classroom use which is an online poster-making website called Glogster. The poster which I have made contains strategies and methods for elementary students to protect their information as well as increase their online privacy.

Click here to view my Glogster!


Mobile Learning

Can mobile learning be used in classrooms? Why, yes it can. As I learn about the different kinds of mobile learning (or mLearning), I have been asked to write down 5 pieces of mLearning including what it is and how it can be used.

Click Here for my Tackk mLearning Poster!

Personal Learning Networks

2 modules in one week! I guess this is the pace that spring/summer courses happen at.

For my personal learning network, I have chosen to use Twitter. I will definitely explore other personal learning networks but I will start with Twitter because I am already familiar with the format and how to use it.
If you want to follow me, my user is @misskloi

Share with me your experiences as a teacher, with your ePortfolio, or any interesting tidbits about your journey in education!
I’d love to hear from you!

Padlet Reflection

My first ePorfolio assignment!

Click Here!

The link will lead you to my Padlet Reflection where I share 4 thoughts on how ePortfolios can potentially benefit students.

Until I began attending class, I had never heard of an ePortfolio. Thankfully, this week I read and learned all about what an ePortfolio is as well as the many benefits it has for students! Personally, I would much rather create and design an ePortfolio to manage my projects, ideas, and thoughts than using a notebook. I am quite forgetful and unorganized… Perhaps my ePortfolio might be just what I need to keep everything in order!


Hello and welcome!
My name is Kristin and this is my ePortfolio. Although this is starting out as an assignment for an education technology class for school, I plan to utilize my ePortfolio to it’s maximum potential so that I can grow as a student and become a great teacher.

I hope to share my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and works with you as well as reflect, explore, and improve myself.
Unfortunately, my writing skills are not up to par with many of the latest bloggers out there but my ePorfolio is still in its infancy. Hopefully through reflection and writing, I can develop this skill and become more fluid and professional.

The next 5 weeks will consist of assignments in which I will reflect on topics I am studying in this course and demonstrate my understanding of technology use for the classrooms and in education as a whole.

Feel free to join me on this journey as I take baby steps to exploring the relationship between education and technology!